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5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Right Now


Life is interesting. We can sit around for 8 hours a day watching movies, but as soon as the night comes to an end, we regret it all. We can go out with friends all morning, but as soon as it’s time to start working we feel tired. Procrastination is killer, and today I want to show you the most effective ways to seize the moment!



1.  Take Life One Step at a Time

It’s no surprise that when you take the first step towards something, you’re more likely to accomplish it. Humans are kind of funny that way. We could sit around working for hours on end, only to scratch the surface of your problem. Unless you take the initial push towards your goal, you’re gonna waste your time. If you want something to happen, step forward, you never know what could come out of it.


2. Start Reminding Yourself Why You Started

Remember why you started. Whether it was to improve an aspect of your life, make sustainable income, or even impress someone, just remember what it meant to you on day one. The only thing more difficult than starting something for the first time, is restarting it after quitting.


3. Not Knowing is Half The Fun

It’s part of our nature to be scared of uncertainty. Unfortunately for us, in order to attain success you must be taking risks. Instead of hiding from the spotlight, try to throw yourself into the action and see what the result is. At the very least, you'll become a more outgoing person.


4. Stop Overthinking

Thinking before acting is one of those lessons we were taught from young. I’m not going to try to tell you to act before thinking, that would be crazy. However if you’re the type to think about something for 20 minutes only to back away from any potential risks, it’s time to change.


5. Think About Tomorrow

I like to think about the future and how it’s going to pan out. If what you’re doing right now will have zero impact on your life, say a year down the line, then it’s time to switch to something more productive. We all love sitting around watching movies, but every day try to accomplish a small aspect of your goal. Even just one hour a day of productivity could change your whole life.


6. Bonus: Start. Right. Now.

It’s really easy to sit around and give yourself reasons why a time in the future is the ideal time to start something. The way I see it, is each day you put off starting, is just an extra day until you reach your goal. Anyone can talk about doing great things, but it takes a lot to actually do them.


Now I know what it’s like to read an article like this. You skim through the steps, realize you should implement these into your life, but then that’s it. The hardest and yet most important part is going to be applying this into your life. I’ve seen far too many people “planning” for when they should begin their journey, but never end up stepping foot. I want you to really think about your last few weeks, have you progressed towards your dream? Have you put real work into improving yourself? If not, make sure to start right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now.

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