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Learn To Dance With Self Taught All-Star, Artin Avaznia

Artin Avaznia, Ottawa's favourite self taught dancer


Till this day, i’m still one of the worst dancers you’ll meet. In a group atmosphere, I might be able to make it seem like I know what i’m doing, but isolate me from the others and it’ll become clear to you that my limbs are as stiff as an uncooked noodle. Nonetheless, on July 9th I decided to go check out Artin Avaznia's lessons on dancing called "Collision". Originally, I wanted to go support my friends taking the class, as well as the Flex Creator teaching it himself. Chris is the other self taught co-teacher of the class. His style involves a lot of popping and animation. I not only got to support my friends but realized I also learned quite a bit just from sitting on the side.

"Collision" dance classes take place every Wednesday and Sunday from 7pm to 9pm. The idea behind them isn’t to make you an all star in a day. The approach Artin is taking starts with the very basics. The first lesson focused on simple rhythm exercises and then geared up to a beginner choreography taught by Artin himself.  This made it a lot easier for people who have never stepped a foot into dancing.

Artin is one of the best self taught dancers I got to witness live, but there’s more to teaching than “just being good”. He is very patient and encouraged everyone to dance to their fullest without worrying about any judgement . The fact that Artin is self taught adds another layer to his teaching as he knows which techniques worked for him. You can only imagine all of the obstacles he must have faced when first starting out.

If anyone is interested in attending these lessons, I highly recommend you jump right in!  Your first lesson is free! Eventually Artin has plans of charging a very affordable rate of around $5 so he can continue to produce top tier lesson plans. You should definitely check it out at least once and see if it’s right for you. At the very least, you will have a great time and leave with improved rhythmic knowledge.

To check out the next lesson, this is all the information you’ll need:

When: Every Wednesday and Sunday from 7pm - 9pm

Where: Carleton University (University Centre Building)

It is free for your first time, so take advantage of that!

Check out Artin’s and Collision Dance social media below!

Youtube Page

Instagram Page

Facebook Page

Collision Dance Instagram Page 



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